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◇ All kinds of Transmission & Differential Gears
◇ Light Truck and Heavy Commercial Vehicle Parts
◇ Agricultural Machine(Tractor) and Heavy Equipment of All Makes

OES & Aftermarket Source(Replacement Parts)

. American : Chrysler / Ford / General Motors / Dana / Eaton
. Korean : Daewoo(GM Korea) / Hyundai / Kia / Samsung(Renault)
. Japanese : Daihatsu / Hino / Isuzu / Mazda / Mitsubishi Fuso / Nissan / Suzuki / Toyota
. European : Mercedes Benz / Scania / Volvo / Man

OE Parts

. Light Truck : Kia
. Heavy Equipment : Volvo / Samsung
. Agricultural Machinery : LS / Kukje / Tongyang
. Electric Tools : Keyang

Commercial Vehicle Parts, Transmission Gears, Differential Gears

SAMGONG GEAR has been one of the leading manufacturers in Korea for commercial vehicle parts such as transmission gears, differential gears, ring and pinion gears, hypoid gears, bevel gear, axle components, synchronizer and differential carrier assembly.

As a specialized manufacturer of transmission & differential gears and passenger & commercial vehicle parts of all makers with ISO/TS 16949 and QS9000, Our Company has been highly recognized for its excellent product quality and high technology around the US, Europe, China and Asian Market...etc.

We mainly manufacture transmission gears, differential gears & shafts for OEM and Aftermarket. Several items have been developed for Korean(Hyundai, KIA, Daewoo, Ssangyoung, Samsung, LS, Dongyang, Kukje), American(Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Dana, Eaton), Japanese( Daihatsu, Hino, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi Fuso, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota)and European(Mercedes Benz, Scania, Volvo, Man) cars particularly.

Here are our main product lines that we can offer you with our best prices and services.
  • Transmission Gears
  • Differential Gears
  • Hypoid Gears
  • Synchronizer
  • Heavy Equipment Drive Train, Shaft

    Furthermore, if you launch us any of your inquires on others except the main items, we will do our best to meet your demand. Our entire company staff is ready to serve you with our experience, expertise, high quality service, competitive price and most importantly honesty.